The Major Supports In 2010 Mission

The first essential factor to be done in organizing a qualified golf tournament is to select the golf course that will host the event.

It requires a thorough observation to choose between 150 golf courses in Indonesia and at least 60 in the area of Jakarta and surround it (Jabodetabek) to be the host venue. For any reasons, the quality of the tournament is determined by the sharpness of the field that meets its standard qualification known as championship course. Moreover, the course’s readiness is an absolute requirement to be realized during the event. From the technical requirements to club house services, all become one part that support one another to make the tournament runs well in all.

And the other thing that often burdens the organizer in selecting the course is that the course’s charge is the biggest sum in the budget. That means, there has to be a good cooperation between the organizers and the course’s owner to facilitate the development of national golf, concerning the flexibility of the cost, particularly for the international events in the country.

There are not many club managers who have the same vision and mission as Ria Prawiro and Kariza in supporting the development of professional golf in Indonesia , by organizing tournaments.

Fortunately , Ria Prawiro met the parties who did understand about her vision and mission to take the competition of Indonesian professional golf to the other level of international standard competition , in which one of the objectives was to provide an international course as their competing arena.

Out of all her moves , her chosen courses that were used for 3 professional golf tournaments that were held this year was not just because of the generous factor of the club’s managers who eagerly provided all the facilities . But she had observed that the courses could represent the prestige and the supremacy of all the golfers who would play at the event, whether they were local players or the foreign players as well as the tour golfers.

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