An-an S. Arto
Between Hobby & Dedication

The golf course area and the plenty of fascinating moments that happen during a tournament , surely give the photographers a good option as their ‘scene field’ to capture the motions and shape them in a form of art photography.

Many times the photography exclusive works come from the moments that happen at a golf course, and used for print media or website which specialized in golf. Therefore , the golf course can be said as the prosperous source of income for the sport photographers these days.

But it is an exceptional issue for An-An S. Arto. For this Bandung-born 57 year-old, his works do not have to give him a financial satisfaction. Even though his works are categorized as the good photography works as been recognized by ESPN sport tv when they interviewed him as a professional sport photographer, some time ago.

To An-An S Arto, it is just a different name about his hobby and activity as a golf event activist in Indonesia. This husband of Sri Suwardhani considers any activities he does at the golf course is part of his responsibility and dedication to the development of national golf, which means whether he is working as a photographer or a Tournament Director, he is doing it wholeheartedly.

It is an ordinary view to spot this man whose full name is Erlangga Tribuana S. Arto makes a round on a duty or just observes the tournament at the course , he has never let his hands empty of his camera . Besides, he specializes his hobby as an outdoor sport photographer, especially golf and softball/baseball.

We rarely see tiredness on his humorous face while carrying his favorite Canon EOS 1D Mk. III around the course to capture some objects.

For The Flag, An-An’s contribution in the photography is very valuable. His best works have been displayed often on the premium pages in The Flag, especially at the events organized by Kariza as the publisher of The Flag.

His collaborated passion for photography and golf is illustrated through his shots that filled with stories of the event.

There are still many of his pictures that have not been published by The Flag , taken from Kariza’s tournaments which he deliberately involved such as RP Invitational 2009, Kariza Indonesia Championship dan Kariza Classic. Some of the works are displayed here in Gallery of An-An S. Arto.
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